Scotto63 Handwired Keyboard

Scotto63 Handwired Keyboard

The Scotto63 is a 63-key 60% split-monoblock column-staggered ortholinear wireless keyboard with a large 750mah battery. It uses DangKeebs Halu Halo linear switches and my own flat profile ScottoCaps. The one large bottom key uses a Holee modded stabilizer. Because it requires 20 total pins for the matrix, a typical Arduino Pro Micro was out of the question. I opted to use a nice!nano as it has 21 total GPIO pins and as a side effect, the board supports Bluetooth wireless!


Getting One

If you’re interested in getting one assembled, contact me and we can discuss the components and other details for a commissioned build. However, the files are available here if you want to build one yourself.

In addition to the 3D printed caseheat shink tubing, wire, and copper, you'll also need tools along with the following components:



Scotto63 annotated matrix.

When looking at the back of the board, the columns (blue) go to the following pins on the controller from right to left: P0.17, P0.20, P0.22, P0.24, P0.00, P0.11, P1.04, P1.06, P0.31, P0.29, P0.02, P1.15, P1.13, P1.11, P0.10

Then the rows (red) go from top to bottom: P0.06, P0.08, P1.01, P1.02, P1.07

Keep in mind, you can connect anywhere on the column or row to the controller, it doesn't need to just be at the end.



Since the matrix for the Scotto63 requires 20-pins, it is only available with ZMK firmware for the nice!nano. You can find the most up-to-date firmware on the ScottoKeebs Github repository. Also available are the pre-compiled firmware files that are ready to flash:

colemak.uf2 - Default keymap in Colemak.
qwerty.uf2 - Default keymap in QWERTY.





Scotto63 matrix image.Scotto63 wiring image.Scotto63 switches imageScotto63 keycaps image

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