Keyboard cases sold on ScottoKeebs are 3D printed. You are expected to understand that this means the following:

  1. There will be visible layer lines and possibly minor imperfections.
  2. Sanding may be required to get an optimal fit for parts.
  3. Stabilized switches may require a heavier spring to function consistently.


Assembling handwired keyboards is at your own risk. ScottoKeebs will not be held responsible for damage to components or yourself. We're also under no obligation to provide support, you are expected to understand what you are getting into.

That said, we have a very active discord where you can ask questions in regards to getting help on a build. You can also find many videos over on our YouTube channel.


Due to the nature of DIY, ScottoKeebs assumes no responsibility for defective or non-functional PCBs. We recommend testing continuity between pads before beginning assembly and if an issue comes up to contact us immediately.

Once the PCB has been soldered, it is impossible to tell if the defect was caused by the factory or the builder.