How It Started

ScottoKeebs actually started as ScottoCaps back in early 2021 and I only planned on making artisan keycaps. It wasn’t until September of 2022 that I had my first encounter with handwiring on a Corne split keyboard. I wanted to do something different and merge the two halves into a single monoblock design with a few extra keys. Because the Corne is a 3x6 keyboard with the ability to snap off the sixth column, I could re-route those extra keys wherever I wanted.

It took me about an hour to figure out how to “hijack“ the matrix but soon after, my first semi-handwired keyboard was born… the AssassinCorne.

Getting Hooked

On September 19, 2022, I built the Scotto40 which I consider my first real handwired keyboard. It was a simple 3x10 ortholinear keyboard with a somewhat weird bottom row because I couldn’t figure out how to do stabilizers. Very quickly I saw how simple handwiring was and got hooked. About a month later I had already made over 10 handwired boards and just kept going.

Shortly on in the project, I decided that I would release all the files for free so anyone could build them. At the time of writing this, the ScottoKeebs project has 17 boards on the main branch.

Present Day

The ScottoKeebs project has amassed over 350 stars on GitHub and tons of people building boards from the project. We have a very active Discord server with people from all aspects of the keyboard community, including case and PCB design. The goal of ScottoKeebs is to continue inspiring the keyboard community, sharing projects, and showing just how fun keyboards can be.