ScottoWing Handwired Keyboard

ScottoWing Handwired Keyboard

The ScottoWing is a low-profile 34/40-key split monoblock ergonomic column-staggered ortholinear keyboard that uses 18x17mm spaced Choc switches. The board uses Choc silver switches because of their transparent housing that perfectly pairs with the "glass" keycaps. The keycaps were resin printed in Siraya Tech Blu for biocompatibility. Everything is powered off a centrally mounted  RP2040 Zero using reversed Pin-Socket Headers. 


Getting One

If you’re interested in getting one assembled, contact me and we can discuss the components and other details for a commissioned build. However, the files are available for free here if you want to build one yourself.

In addition to the 3D printed case, heat shink tubing, wire, and copper, you'll also need tools along with the following components:



ScottoWing annotated matrix image.

When looking at the back of the board, the columns (blue) go to the following pins on the controller from right to left: GP29, GP28, GP27, GP26, GP15, GP7, GP6,  GP5, GP4, GP3

Then the rows (red) go from top to bottom: GP9, GP10, GP11, GP12

If building the 3x6 variant, connect GP14 (before GP29) and GP8 (after GP3) for the extra columns.

Keep in mind, you can connect anywhere on the column or row to the controller, it doesn't need to just be at the end.



You can find the firmware files on the qmk_firmware repository or you can compile them online using the QMK Configurator. However, QMK is often slow at getting changes merged and because of that you can find the most up-to-date firmware on the ScottoKeebs Github repository. Also available are the pre-compiled firmware files that are ready to flash:

default.uf2 - Default QMK keymap in QWERTY.
vial.uf2 - Default QMK keymap in QWERTY with Vial configurator support.
scotto.uf2 - My personal QMK keymap in Colemak.

After flashing vial.uf2, you should load the vial.vil configuration file within the Vial application to ensure everything functions as expected.





 ScottoWing wiring image.

ScottoWing switches image.

ScottoWing keycaps image.

ScottoWing side-profile image.

ScottoWing back-plate image.

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Great design idea, thanks! I have built one using Choc v2 switches which have an MX stem. Important note to anyone building: check the size of the keycaps versus the switch spacing. Standard or low profile MX caps at 18.3×18.3mm will not fit.


hello i have built scottogame and scottoergo and i am so exated for this one


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