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Arduino Pro Micro (RP2040)

Arduino Pro Micro (RP2040)

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One USB-C RP2040 Pro Micro. Great for all sorts of handwired or PCB keyboard builds. It can be used in place of a regular Arduino Pro Micro but just ensure it will work with your keyboard first. It's highly recommended to use pin-socket headers for easy removal when working with microcontrollers.

  • USB-C
  • 29 GPIO pins
  • 16MB flash memory
  • Includes headers

Includes one RP2040 Pro Micro with solder headers.

Most handwired ScottoKeebs boards use the regular ATmega32U4 Pro Micro. If you are planning on building one, please make sure you pick the right controller. Currently, the only ScottoKeebs that support this controller are the ScottoDeck and ScottoWing (PCB Edition).

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